SWT-NS610 Extrusion Welder

Plastic Extrusion Welder SWT-NS610A

Item No.: SWT-NS610A
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Extruding Power: 800W
Hot air drive power:1600W
Wind Temperature: 20-600℃
Heating temperature while plastic extruding:200-300℃
Welding speed: 2kg/h
Diameter of Welding Rod: ф3.0mm-4.0mm,optional 5mm

It is used with plastic welding rod to weld PE PP PVDF and other hot melt materials. 
This tool is of light weight,stable performance,convenient operation,large-amount extrusion and high efficiency,
the advantage is for welding narrow gap and corners where is not easy to reach.
For welding and making enviroment equipments, anticorrosive equipments, plating equipments, acid and alkali resistance equipments,
carriage, plastic water tanks, plastic pipes, plastic containers and plastic sheets.
Have a digital display controller
360-degree rotating welding heads
The motor cold start protection
Independent heating systems of welding rod and membrane material
1300w Germany Metabo extruding motor
1600w CE approved hot air blower and 800w welding rod heating system

Basic Parameter:

Voltage 220 V ± 5%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Metabo Extruding Power 1300W
Hot Air Power 1600W
Welding Rod Heating Power     800W
Air Temp  20-600°c Adjustable
Extruding Temp 200-380°c Adjustable
Welding Speed 2.0-2.5Kg/h
Welding Rod DIA 3.0mm-4.0mm default, 5.0mm can be customized                     
Weight 7.0Kgs


Replacement of the different welding nozzle, can be applied:
Plastic containers’s welding, stitching, etc.;
The large diameter plastic pipe’spipe welding, repairing, splicing, sealing, etc.;
The thicker plastic membranes, geomembrane splicing, patching and so on.
Product Features
Imported hot air welding torch and imported driven system, high temperature, big torque, long service life, stable performance.
Light weight, easy to handle and available to operation at different angles.
Big extrusion volume can be welded more than 10mm welding seam.
Different welding shoes can be applied to different types of welding.
It is used in the tank and pipe and is comply with Part 4 of the DVS standard (Germany Welding Association).
International warranty 24months.
Any parts broken or does not work under normal operating,we are free to provide.