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MM-Tech Founded in 2000 Is a China-based leading manufacturer specializing in thermoplastic welding machines from product design, production, improvement, and after-sale service.
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SWT-MA315 fitting fabrication machine is designed to fabricate fittings like elbows, tees crosses, and wyes up to 315mm. With the help of jaws, it could make different fittings of various sizes. The SWT-MA315 welding machine could weld plastic materials like HDPE, PP, PVDF. Basic machine completes with two carriages, both driven by the hydraulic system. Manual hydraulic control panel with all functional keys and buttons plane layout. Electrical trimmer with gear and safety microswitch. PTFE coated heating plate with a steel shield. Left and right elbow clamps φ315mm with a full set of aluminum inserts from φ90mm to φ280mm Left and right 90°Tees and Crosses clamps φ315mm with a full set of aluminum inserts from φ90mm to φ280mm View All >
SWT-C315 is a hydraulic workshop band saw for thermoplastic material(HDPE, PP, PVDF, PPR, PVC) pipes from 90mm - 400mm diameter. Thanks to the slewing bearings, the machine body can be easily moved manually. And the cutting angle is adjustable with precision from 0°to 67.5°. It could work ideally with an ATLA fittings fabrication machine for various kinds of fittings. The equipment is provided with a mobile control panel, which gives the chance to the operator to work at a safe distance from the cutting area. By the control panel, the operator can control the automatic movement of the saw (up/down) and also regulate the cutting speed. The pipe to be cut is held by heavy-duty tie-down straps. Clamping the pipes in this manual way could avoid the risk of pipe loosing during the cutting progress. View All >
We offer a wide range of products to fulfill the needs of field and workshop projects. Due to the reliability, creativity, and effective cost, our products are running all over the world. At MM-Tech, we commit to manufacturing the reliable machine for each application and ensuring that your choice is right. Make us your first choice when sourcing for your requirements.
The V series manual hydraulic butt welding machines are applied tojoint PE, PP, PPR and PVDF pipes and moulded fittings. Selection ofcomponents with a long service life ensures a low maintenance andrepair, friendly and reliable operation. lt makes more possibilitiesthrough upgrading the machine to data logged enabled withinstallation of an MM-Tech data logger. ">Read More    >
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20-22 March,2019 WaterPhilippines March-12-2019 We Sincerely invite you and your staff to visit our stand BOOTH NO.HALL 1 E19.form 20-22 March,2019.Held in SMX CONVENTION CENTER,PASAY CITY,METRO MANLIA,PHILIPPINES. We look forward to meeting you here. Read More    >